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Uses and Advantages of 3G/4G Mobile Networks

You need to connect to the web but for some reason you do not have an internet box or do not have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. So how do you do it? The solution is to use a 3G or 4G key! To do this, let us explain how it works.

Connecting to the Internet from your computer or tablet is possible with a 3G or 4G key. And this from anywhere! When you are on the go and can not find a Wi-Fi hotspot , you will certainly be delighted to own this accessory. So do not waste a minute to figure out how to use it!

What is a 3G / 4G key?

This internet key resembles a traditional USB key but differs from the latter by its function. Also connected to one of the USB ports of your computer, it allows you to take advantage of the 3G or 4G network of the mobile operator from which you have subscribed the adequate package. To put it simply, its role is similar to that of a wireless modem: no cable to install and a surfing speed similar to that of Wi-Fi.

Compliant with USB standards, this key is compatible with laptops and desktops, whether PC or Mac. You can activate it SIM devices. SO you can use this SIM only on mobile devices. You can also insert it in a digital tablet provided that it has a USB port. This system is a good alternative if your device is only configured to connect to Wi-Fi.

Advantages of this device

The great advantage is mobility. By having a 3G or 4G key, you can move from one place to another without fear of an internet break. You are connected permanently to the network of your operator, which is a great advantage for nomadic Internet users! For example, if in the course of your work you need to check your emails without waiting, you have the opportunity to do so.

Another advantage of this technology is the increase in productivity. By being able to connect from wherever you are, you are not only more responsive in your professional activity but also make your time safer. Indeed, if you are stuck in public transport, are on the move or on weekends, you can take advantage of these moments to advance in your projects. Please note that the keys can be used abroad but pay attention to the roaming charges that will increase your bill. Prefer the Wi-Fi network of your hotel or the hotspots.

Please note that the operators offer different packages. Depending on your needs, you can simply settle for a casual surf or on the contrary, intensive use.

How to use a 3G or 4G key?

Using a 3G or 4G key is not very complicated. Once you have purchased it, you must insert the SIM card that was provided to you by your mobile operator. This element is essential for the proper operation of the key. Without it, you can not be identified with your carrier and therefore connect to its network. The next step is to plug the key into a USB port on your computer.

Your machine should not delay detecting the key automatically. Practical, the latter does not require the installation of particular peripherals or modifications of your parameters. So no need to be an IT expert to take advantage of the mobile internet via 3 mobile SIM.

When the key is recognized, you will see a navigation wizard on the screen that shows you how to connect. If this is not the case, simply try to open an internet window. Depending on the operators, you may be connected to the web immediately.

Important: To keep an eye on your package, note that you have available information about your account, such as the amount of data not consumed and connection speed, from your computer desktop.

The last point you should be aware of is the equipment your computer already has. Some models come with a built-in 3G / 4G module and you do not need a key. So check out the features of your device to avoid unnecessary purchases.