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Psittacus Systems-Online Learning

Psittacus Systems encourage, offer and facilitate learning at any time and anywhere you have access to a computer with access to the Web!

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What is e-learning?

E-learning means that learning and supporting resources are delivered through a computer. There are many definitions and many kinds of e-learning; At Psittacus Systems, e-learning courses are delivered via the Web.


If you want to learn at your own pace and in your own environment, our Psittacus Systems learning courses will suit you perfectly. Using a computer, you will progress from one module to another using the many tools available to you:

  • Integrated links to information and reference materials;
  • Interesting graphics;
  • Interactive learning activities.

Other useful features:

  • Printable notebook;
  • Personal bookmarks;
  • Drop-down tooltips;
  • Virtual tour of the navigation module and tools


Benefits in terms of training and education

Better assimilation of knowledge and faster learning

  • The rate of knowledge assimilation is higher among those who take online courses than those who follow them in class, and they complement their learning before others.The material is delivered in smaller, easier to manage units. People can overfly the matter they know, and study in more detail the new matter;
  • According to various published studies, the rate of assimilation of the knowledge of people who take e-learning courses is 100% higher than in those taking comparable courses in the classroom;
  • E-learning courses typically require 30-60% less time than comparable courses in the classroom.

Learning at a personal pace

  • Students can assimilate information at their own pace.

Learning less intimidating than classroom lessons

  • Participants can ask questions of Client Services without worrying about what other students will think.They can also complete their exercises privately without fear of failure.

Greater interactivity than classroom courses

  • According to some studies, students taking classroom instruction typically ask about 0.1 questions per hour.Students enrolled in e-learning courses can interact up to 120 times per hour with questions and answers from the learning software.

Administrative Benefits

Just-in-time learning rather than just-in-time

  • Online courses are offered at all times so that people who want to know more about a topic do not need to wait until a trainer is available to give the course in question.

Customizable content

  • Courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization.Add information such as your organization’s policies, procedures and contact information to ensure greater relevance. Add everything you need to meet the specific needs of your industry.

Uniformity of content

  • The information provided to participants taking online courses is always the same.If your employees take courses that are taught in the classroom by different instructors or at different times, the information provided may vary from course to course.

Access “anywhere, anytime”

  • Online courses can be attended at times convenient to the organization, wherever a computer with Web access is available. Employees do not need to be absent from work for long periods of time.

Easy progress tracking

  • An organization can automatically track employee progress through e-learning programs.Learning management systems usually take note of the dates on which courses were taken, the time spent and the results obtained for each examination.

Significant Cost Savings

  • In addition to reducing the length of training, the use of e-learning programs eliminates the need for travel and related expenses for both students and trainers.A study published in Training Magazine found that organizations that use online learning programs rather than classroom courses save between 50% and 70% on training costs.