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How to Create Android Applications with planning

Android is a mobile operating system, that is, just like Windows or Linux. It is a big program, consisting of small programs, which allow to run other software. For example, Windows allows you to run Internet Explorer, and to do so, it must link the mouse to the cursor on the screen, between the keyboard and input fields, and so on. And with the explosion of Smartphone sales in recent years, Android has taken an important place in the daily lives of millions of people, to the point that it is the mobile operating system with the most applications in circulation .

How about developing your own apps for Android, offering them to the world via the Play Store, the Google application market? This is the purpose of this course: to learn how to become autonomous to create complete and complex Android applications from A to Z!

However, to take this course, you will need some knowledge:

  • Since Android applications are almost essentially coded in Java , you need to know this language. Fortunately, OpenClassrooms offers a course ,  a book  and even an MOOC on Java.
  • This is not necessary, but a chapter will ask you to know a minimum of SQL for the queries (it’s good, OpenClassrooms offers a course on MySQL ). If you do not know anything about SQL, you can still take the course in its entirety, but it will not help to try to make databases.
  • And finally, being an autonomous minimum in computing: you must for example be able to install a software on its own (you see, I do not ask you for the moon: p).

To begin this course smoothly, I propose to introduce you this platform, its universe, its objectives, then to remind you the vocabulary necessary to understand this course. Then we will discuss the basics for Android development so that you can perform simple and compatible applications with the majority of terminals. Then we will see everything you need to know in order to create beautiful graphical interfaces; and finally we will discuss more advanced concepts in order to exploit the multiple facets that present Android, including different libraries of functions allowing to take advantage of the hardware capabilities of the devices.

By the end of this course you will be able to make games, geolocation applications, web browser, social applications, and so on. Actually, the only brake will be your imagination!