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How to sell your Products Online?

Do you want to sell your products online? The establishment of such a service can be technically simple. Thanks to already existing solutions, but includes aspects that should not be overlooked.

Designing an e-commerce site

4 great choices are available to you when creating an online store:

  • Use the services of a third party site that offers to sell your products through them. The advantage is that you have nothing to do, but this solution is also the least customized. This is a good alternative if your sales volume is low. Think of sites like eBay , Amazon , or the FNAC that offer marketplace. These sellers will compensate for a percentage of your sales.
  • Make use of a web agency or an independent developer to monitor your website. You can then get a more personalized result, but the costs can be significant. Prefer providers with experience in creating e-commerce sites.
  • Use a Content Management System (CMS), such as ecommerce or PrestaShop . All you have to do is install the software on your hosting, configure it and then add your products with their respective prices. Your online store will then be ready for use. Attention, this requires real technical knowledge!
  • Use ready-made e-commerce packages. These packs require virtually no programming skills and have all the necessary tools to integrate with the main auction sites (eBay) and secure payment solutions.

You must also be able to offer your customers several reliable and secure payment solutions to buy 5 year anniversary gifts for her. Keep in mind that many internet users are still suspicious about buying online and it is important to you to adopt a solution that has been proven to put them in confidence. Such solutions are Paypal or ePay . Finally, you can offer a payment by credit card, but this involves signing a distance selling contract with your bank, which is not always easy.

Finally, developing a commercial activity on the internet subjects you to a number of legal obligations.

For more information see our dedicated article: Create an e-commerce site for its company .

Your business strategy

Ask yourself what are the strengths of your products .

  • Are your products unique and personalized?This is the case if, for example, you want to create a clothing line or if you are an artist wishing to sell his creations. In this case it is not so much your products as you sell, but yourself: use your website first and foremost to make your promotion, try to gain visibility on the internet, and sales will follow. Specialized Internet forums or social networks are very good vectors for advertising;
  • Are your products cheaper than the competition, do they offer more features?In this case, you will need to highlight your products, especially via advertising campaigns.