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How to get More subscribers on Instagram?

To get 1 million subscribers from the start, the most effective method is definitely to be a star in real life (talented or not, whatever), which instantly ensures you a horde of followers ready to like your Photos. You are not (yet) as popular as Pharrell Williams or Paris Hilton? Well, we’ll have to work a bit..

  • Be original

What differentiates the account of Cara Delevingne from that of other models is its number of followers. Why ? Because in addition to the classic photos of parades / backstages / evenings, Cara also posts grimaces or jokes, and it works. For you it’s the same! Lunches / beaches / sunset, everyone is tired of seeing the same photos on Instagram. We understand: you go on holiday and you eat salads. Post something else!

  • Have a theme

Knitting, archery, color coding, shooting, everything is possible. The important thing is to have a clear consistency on your account. Do not want to post the entirety of your life in black and white or buy yourself a go-pro? Always try humor. The Fat Jewish is the best example: with a quirky humor, this New Yorker has attracted nearly 4 million subscribers. (Otherwise pictures of sexy girl and cats are still recipe)

  • Use additional apps

The point is to get out of the restrictive framework of Instagram. You can use apps that offer other filters (VSCO cam, Snapseed, etc.), add text (Overgram), or to create original images (Fragment or Tiny planet).

  • Use hashtags but #pastrop

The purpose of hashtags is to index your snapshots and make them appear among those dealing with a similar topic to draw attention to your profile. But they are to be used with care: the time of photos with 40 hashtags is gone. The important thing is to use the good ones: popular ones to create visibility on your account (like the #nofilter last year or #photooftheday right now). We forget the #love and other #sun. At the worst, there are always hashtags # F4F or #followforfollow that indicate you will follow any subscriber who follows you .. but let’s be honest it stinks of despair.

  • Post sparingly 

Not more than one photo per day, if you post every two hours, you will tire your potential subscribers but above all confess to the world that you do not have much to do with your life.

  • Post at the right time

Put your pictures online at fixed times and preferably at “peak hours” ie when people are connected to Instagram. According to the studies, the most relevant schedule is around 5 pm (except on Saturday where it is at 2 o’clock, evening obligatory). There are software to maximize engagement and be on posting at the right time (Latergramme, Hootsuite). Also use a constant rhythm: if you are present every day for a period and then nothing for weeks, your potential subscribers will believe that the account is no longer active.

  • Join a community

Your passion is the model in matches? You’re probably not alone. Find accounts with similar interests, subscribe to them and their subscribers. You will thus know your own account and arouse the interest of the people that it can excite.

  • Socialize

Once you have found your community, socialize with it. Likez, comment, tag people on your photos, respond to comments. This will push people to view your account and subscribe to you.

  • Link your accounts

If you link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, your photos will also appear in your Facebook news feed. So your friends will know that you are also on Instagram and will be able to follow you.

  • Use your credit card

If you do not want to do all this, you can always buy subscribers. There are many sites on the Internet. But beware, when it’s not scams, sometimes they are fake accounts that are disabled regularly by Instagram’s moderators.