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How to Choose Your Interactive Relationship Marketing Adviser

Let us start with a more than obvious observation that applies to all companies … The survival of a business depends essentially on two factors: customers and suppliers. Choosing your suppliers is a cornerstone in your company’s day-to-day operations. So, when we talk about interactive relationship marketing, the stakes can be quite big, because we deal with sensitive databases, a digital notoriety and a personalized communication. So, what are the attributes that a good business partner in interactive relationship marketing must demonstrate in order to have confidence in the adviser and help him achieve his goals?

Faced with the fundamental transformations of the market, traditional marketing finds itself today in the most complete impasse. From branding to marketing, we have moved to customized, customer-centric marketing that is totally multi-channel. A communication strategy is needed. It must be interactive and bring together a set of non-traditional means of communication that allow for the exchange and interaction between the individual and the brand. A good strategy therefore does not try to reach the consumer in the broad sense of the term, but especially a group or an individual, in a personal way and adapted to his preferences. The goal is to reach and captivate audiences with relevant content rather than broadcast repetitive advertising.

It is on this basis that the agreement with your interactive relationship marketing provider must be built, with some points to keep in the eye in order to choose the best partner.

As you know, to better target your audience, interactive relationship marketing relies on client databases. Your supplier’s major skills should include systematic cleaning and formatting of databases and their integration into a data warehouse. Secondly, specialists must be able to analyze and query this data in order to identify a selection of segments of individual types or even profiles to be targeted in order to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time , And this, via the right channel. In order to do this, the supplier must have also developed expertise in customer relationship management to advise a company on the choice of a CRM platform, Depending on the importance of it or in order to accompany it thanks to the functionalities of an e-mail, text and mobile marketing platform such as the Carma Marketing Hub, for example. As mentioned above, the current consumer is connected to several channels / screens, hence the importance of a multi-channel offer, with exchange capabilities, via APIs, with other software or even virtual services. This is what makes the difference between being on the Web and performing actions and interactions on the Web.

In this technological framework, both the quality of the platforms used is important, as well as the reputation of servers used (DNS), their hosting in Canada (for data security purposes), the establishment of whitelistings with Internet service providers, The ability to dynamically assemble customized messages, ease of editing e-mails, templates of newsletters or automated emails optimized for cellular or tablet by adaptive or responsive design, as well as the automated integration of messages in connection with the customer Day of each client, are today essential in the need for an increasingly complex approach in order to reach your targets at the right time and in the right place.

At the level of support, this supplier must be able to help companies to realize their objectives and improve their tactics. This strategic support must continue after the campaign with a performance analysis, ROI and access to a dashboard in order to be constantly looking for the best functioning and continuous improvement of means of communication with consumers.

In short, thanks to the choice of your interactive professional marketing advisor, changing priorities and approaches – not only necessary to optimize the way to communicate, but also indispensable in a world where the multichannel client continues to strengthen its power – will be More easily at your fingertips.