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How to capture streaming videos

Every second, billions of videos are viewed on the internet: YouTube clips live streaming, sports events, instructional videos, TV shows … But how do you record these videos so you can watch them later?

How to capture streaming videos

Unfortunately, video sharing sites do not allow direct downloading of videos, and when watching HD video streaming is often complicated. If your internet connection is not fast enough and you want to see sony six live stream video, it will take a long time to load the video. And for live streaming videos you lose the unique opportunity to see them because it is not possible to download them even when paying. Unless you have Movavi Screen Capture Studio – the convenient software for capturing online videos or any other on-screen activity. With Screen Capture Studio you can record videos online without slowing down your computer, in the format you want, or for a mobile device.

1. Install Screen Capture Studio

Wait for the software to complete, then launch the installation file and follow the instructions in the installation guide.

2. Define capture settings

Open the Web page that contains the video you want to capture. Start the program, click Save Screen Video, and draw a capture area on the video. Adjust the frame precisely according to the window size of the video. If you want to record the video at the highest resolution, open the list of predefined sizes and select your monitor in the Full Screen section .

Then check the System Audio icon : the sound of the video will be captured if it is displayed in green. If not, click the icon.

You can also use the timer to stop capture after a set period of time. From the Capture menu, select the Schedule recording option if you want to delay the start of the capture and specify the recording date, time, and duration. On a Mac, the menu bar is at the top of the screen and not in the capture window.

3. Save the webcast

Once the video is captured, click Stop and the video is immediately saved to your hard disk in MKV format. A preview window appears. You can then check and edit the format of your video and edit it.

4. Edit and convert the record (optional)

To edit the recording, for example to improve the quality of the video, click the Open button in the editor.

If you do not want to edit the video, you can save it to another format or convert it to a mobile device directly after capture. Click Save As in the preview window, and select a popular format in the quick access panel; or open the list more formats , and choose a video / audio formats (AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.) or device (iPod, Android, Nokia, Sony PSP, etc.). Click Save to save your clip in the chosen format.

Now you know how to capture streaming videos very easily. Apply your creativity to record your own videos with Screen Capture Studio.