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Best Online CAPTCHA Entry Sites

A warm welcome to the readers again, in the series of finding new options.There are some questions that constantly grow back in our minds. This one I am particularly talking about a money-making concept. The reason as you might already know could be any. Be it to cover your raising expenses or a part time engagement that can help you get you a cover being a student or a professional. Backups are most important you know. So, here I am with this List of 5 Best Websites Paying for CAPTCHA Work 2016.

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With daily growing businesses and online jobs, there is a new concept for you to give you a head start in the world of wide web. It is quite often that you might have come across the “CAPTCHA” entry, while you were around some website. Where you are supposed to identify the hidden words and enter them as the security code or as the final step to complete the registration process or signing up.

List of 10 Best Websites Paying for CAPTCHA Entry Work 2016

Now for you, there are some new CAPTCHA entry jobs online which are really best for you to Earn Money Online. Like online survey sites, there are numerous different types of websites exists which provide online CAPTCHA entry jobs. After checking users comments on hundreds of such online job providing websites and the ranking given by the users we finally came to conclusion and listed up. You can sign up to these sites and work as CAPTCHA code solver and earn at list good money if not best. The software of such companies creates the account and later they need to identify CAPTCHA code so they can send CAPTCHA image to CAPTCHA code solver. You are given a very limited time to figure out and enter the correct characters that are displayed in the image. Now let’s have a look at the websites.


Megatypers is one of the most popular sites for online typing Jobs and genuine CAPTCHA entry site. Here you can find online typing jobs and CAPTCHA entry work from home, earn extra money by working in your extra time. All you need just fast typing speed with an internet connection. if you are good at typing then this sites is the best way to earn money here you can earn $.45 to $1.50 per 1000 CAPTCHA solve.


ProTypers is also one of the most popular sites for online typing job and online CAPTCHA work site. If your typing speed is good then you should try this typing jobs site. Here you can earn $0.45 to $1.50 TyperCredits for 1000 CAPTCHA entry job. You will be paid through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and the Western Union.


CAPTCHATypers is another authentic CAPTCHA Entry Work site. You have to mail to to get admin free of cost. You will then get a mail from their official email id, so don’t get tricked by some other con artist. There is no need to pay anything for administrator access.So, you can start with any one (or two if you have time) of these and start earning immediately. You just have to be smart and creative.


CAPTCHA2Cash is the best site for CAPTCHA entry jobs. Actually, this is not a site here you can download the software from this company and then install that into your computer. Now you need to connect to the internet to work. This site also a high paying data entry job here you can get 1$ per 1000 images. The payment gateway will be payza or perfect money. The best part is you can withdraw 1$ also means minimum payment is 1$.


Although PixProfit is the good site but the registration is closed at present. We will inform you if they open the signup again. You can follow the site at According to your score, you can get the CAPTCHA job. Your score can fall between 0 to100 and earn money. When they began, it is reported agents made one dollar per 1000 characters typed.