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What are the Basic SEO Steps to Optimize the Website in Google?

An SEO process involves several steps that must be followed to maximize its chances of success.

Ideally, the constraints of the SEO must be taken into account as far upstream as possible of your internet project. SEO should therefore be considered as soon as the site is designed. If possible, before it goes online for the first time. If this has not been the case and if you entrust your referencing to a professional after the first publication of your website, the referencing process will begin with a first phase of auditing of your site by the provider. This initial audit will verify the suitability of your site with the criteria of success of SEO. This is the first phase of SEO.

The initial audit of the site makes it possible to list all the elements that could constitute a brake on its referencing.

Once this first diagnosis is established, it will be necessary to add to the site the elements that will promote the success of its SEO, to remove or mitigate the potential brakes to this SEO. This is the second phase of the SEO process called optimization of the site to be referenced.

Once the site is optimized, a third major phase arrives, corresponding to its registration with search engines and directories.

Then, we enter a waiting phase which corresponds to the processing time of the requests by the search engines. This phase of waiting is more or less lengthy depending on the congestion status of the search engines as well as the competitive intensity in your sector of activity (number of responses displayed by the search engines on themes and keywords) .It is of interest to you of Phase 4.

after a few days to a few weeks of waiting, the 1st results can be measured by your SEO provider (Phase 5).

Finally, once satisfactory results are obtained for the site being referenced, the last phase consists in maintaining the results obtained. This phase must be maintained as long as the website is online and operated in the company’s strategy.

Depending on the complexity of the site and the competitive environment, intermediate phases may be necessary to complete the referencing of a website.