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7 Modern Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Video blogging is growing more and more. Thanks to YouTube which opens the way for people wishing to share their videos to a large audience, bloggers have found their favorite platform.

But how to get more subscribers on YouTube?

Keep reading the rest to discover 10 of the best ways to increase your YouTube subscriptions retain your audience and make them want to go back to your channel for more.

1 – Post Videos of Constant Quality

Whether you’re a blog, a podcast or a video, quality is always the  key. If you do not post posts filled with relevant tips, information and advice, then people will not find Interest in watching them.

2 – Ask People to Abound

If you do not ask, they will not subscribe. There is a common reason that may also apply to your YouTube subscriptions.

There is no harm in asking people to subscribe to your channel, and there are many ways to do it. Add a call button to action to click at the end of your videos. Ask people to click on it in the description of the video . Physically ask people to subscribe during your video, and explain to them how beneficial it will be for them.

3 – Use Keywords In Your Video Title

Think about how people will find your video. Obviously you could probably share it with them on social networks and on your blog, but what about search engines?

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. The SEO helps improve your content, making it easily accessible to people in popular search engines. To optimize your videos, start by naming them strategically.

4 – Use Video Annotations

YouTube has this nice little feature that allows you to place annotations within your videos. This means that when someone watches one of your videos, a small dialog box containing text will automatically open over the video.

It’s a perfect place to add more information about your channel. You could explain to people how to subscribe to your channel, or add a link on which they can click. Annotations provide a visual quality invitation. They stand out from the content of your main video, so use them to their full advantage.

5 – Offer Your Channel a Design that is demarcated

No one likes amateur or badly designed designs. This does not give a good impression, and visitors to your channel will not stay long, because a sloppy aesthetic look will retain them for less than an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

With a few adjustments, you can make your YouTube channel a standard in terms of design, or at least make it look more enjoyable. Why not match the colors of your brand to those of the site, and include your logo at the top of the page.

6 – Include a Gadget on Your Website

It’s not just your YouTube channel that can help you get more subscribers. Consider the place that is on your website. There is no doubt that you must have a place with buttons to follow you on Facebook or Twitter. Why not add one for your YouTube channel. It will increase your video instant views.

7 – Show Your Video Slideshow

Sometimes the simple fact of showing the person behind his professional side can greatly increase subscriptions. People like to know that you are accessible, approachable and human just like them.

Sometimes, as a leader or an influential person, we can create barriers between us and our audience. The key is to always remember that without the audience, you would not do what you are doing.